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Enjoy Quality Leads and Dynamic Brand Exposure Through Facebook Advertising!!!

DI Infotech is a robust Facebook Marketing Company in India that proffers comprehensive Facebook Advertising services.

Needless to say, the biggest social networking site with more than 900+ million active users worldwide today is Facebook. And thusly, Facebook Advertising becomes the ultimate tool for advertisers to connect with their audiences. DI Infotech’s Facebook Marketing Services comprises of unique Facebook promotion campaign solutions to drive successive branding and quality leads.

It is the ultimate way to reach millions of viewers over milliseconds, precisely. With our elaborate refine-targeting campaigns, now you can connect with audiences determined by geographical and demographical information such as Age, Gender, Location, Personal Interest, Relationship Status, Professional and Education titles etc.

We define your ideal audience first and then work on an extensive Facebook Advertising campaign to suit your exact promotion requirements and budget.

Facebook Marketing Features:

  • Facebook Audience Analysis – Identify and target your niche Facebook users. Develop advertising budget and estimated size of target audience.
  • Facebook Page Building – Custom design, create and maintain a robust Facebook page that highlights and addresses your business and services.
  • Analytical and Statistical Monitoring – Analyze your growth on Facebook advertising campaign with the help of Facebook insights and Google Analytics. This also includes demographic data reporting that involves filtration of audiences who are actually engaging themselves in your ads and page.
  • Creative Compilation – We use inventive designs, innovating graphics and highly promotable content in making your ad campaigns.
  • ROI Analysis – We assimilate a monthly data and send it to you that include your return on investment report including traffic, conversion rate and investment vs. expenditure.

Robust Target Audience Ad Strategies

DI Infotech’s Facebook Marketing Agency considers effective and innovative parameters to target the right audiences for your business including-

We Design Novel Ads

Abiding the guidelines of Facebook. Inc., our Facebook Advertising Services build novel ad campaigns that comprises of all essential components of ad making such as Facebook User Engagement, Call to Action etc. Few types of Ad Creative are-

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Page Post Ads

Ensure enough traffic is arriving to the page though creative posts and information.

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Page Like Ads

Ensure quality and long-term followers like your Facebook page.

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Auto-play Video Ads

Attractive Video ads are created to lure audiences for cost effective brand awareness.

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We Understand and Optimize the Best Strategies

DI Infotech does not use targeting options that do not yield most returns, rather we optimize those campaigns that are fruitful to your business and improvise them further. Our Facebook Advertising Agency also provides you with a 24-hours Dashboard where you can monitor your Facebook ad performance.

Connect, Communicate and Collaborate With Countless Viewers Instantly

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Improve Brand Awareness

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Promote Online Sales

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Augment App Installs

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Propel Native Sales

Build Relations and Strengthen Business Bonds

Facebook is the leading social media platform that continually adapts innovative technology and creates new means for connection. Facebook has proved over time that adaption with the ever-changing dynamics of the technological driven world is the best way to thrive. (Courtesy: Acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp).

Users spend 30% of their daily time on an average to take a sneak peek at their social world and also to check what their favorite brands are up-to these days. They also use the platform to share and cast opinion on several topics, information and brands.

Hence, today’s Business owners ought to take this multitude of a platform to fully capitalize their business. A strong and highly active Facebook presence will invite loyal followers, better and newer prospects and a medium that will give you valuable insights to grow.

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One thing that you cannot and should not ignore is the network’s loyal audience. DI Infotech’s evolving and effective strategies will help you to hold on and thrive.

Prolific Facebook Marketing Services

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A Facebook Page (cover images, posts, and profile creation) that becomes the face of your brand. Specialty in customized design to suit your business prerequisites.

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Search Engine Optimized page that is appealing, attractive which creates higher ranking.

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Tailor-made Facebook Ad built from the scratch that involves regular posting, advertising, ad management, reporting, social analysis etc.

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A fully fledged training session that helps customers understand their role in Facebook advertising, provide recommendations and guidelines to get the most from your investment.