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Witty, Eloquent and Lucid Content Development Strategies for Best Lead Generation

DI Infotech Content Marketing Agency promises highly stirring content to elevate client’s business profile. We generate prominent leads for your blogs and inbound ad campaigns through compelling and articulate content.

Best Content Writing Agency that Interprets your Dreams and Goals in Coherent Words

Content is the soul of any ad campaign. A well written content is essential to boost traffic to your website, educate people and acts as a sales tool. Today, content plays a major role in determining your online presence. People’s expectation in this digital era has gone beyond traditional contents and they expect a content to be informative, engaging, entertaining and all inclusive. DI Infotech is one of the leading Content Marketing Company that helps to enhance inbound content.

What We Do Affirm to Be One of The Top Content Marketing Agency

Our Prominent Features:

  • We don’t develop content that are just assorted words to fill in pages; in fact we create enhanced keyword, viewer-targeting content that supports your marketing goals.
  • The content we produce serves a purpose to reach maximum number of viewers through simple words and creative ideas thereby highlighting your brand. We apply broader content strategy to attain the desired results.
  • Content marketing is a continuous process that needs to be addressed proactively. DI Infotech experts efficiently manage bulk content creation process while you stay focussed on your business development.

Struggling To Transform Ideas into Words? Or Your Content is Not Producing Enough Traffic? We Are Here to Fix It!

Things We Are Master At: -

eBook, White Papers and Guides

Downloadable content can be extremely beneficial for site owners as they are useful to convert visitors in to clients. However, such contents like e-Book, Guides and White Paper ought to provide value to the downloader. While great content will fetch appreciation and delighted clients, poor content will turn away prospects of your brand. DI Infotech takes immense measures and creative ideas to develop e-Books and promote these eBooks through social media, paid channels and emails to ensure viewers move on to the next level.

Case Studies

Case studies are an interesting way to transmit your company’s success stories. Also, a case study can make or break a company brand name and image; therefore, it is very important to project them in right and positive perspective. The case studies should reveal how a company deploys its management theories, technologies and expertise to address different business development situations. DI Infotech understands company’s products, services, their inhibitions and creates compelling stories by developing templates, managing content development and measuring process layout.

SEO Content Development

So, now you have a viable website with catchy content and still it doesn’t attract any viewer. Then ponder over it and think why so? Because content should be search engine optimised to show up on the search result. DI Infotech creates web content, blogs and articles that are in alignment with company’s SEO strategies. SEO helps users to locate their company through various search engines. Our SEO team is expert in understanding the Google and other search engine culture and thus able to create high ranking contents using optimum words for better results in SEO elements.

Blogging and More

Blogs are something which are more interactive than articles and web content. You can discuss, ask your viewers to share their opinions and engage customers for your brand. Now-a-days blogs are best tools to target the right people. DI Infotech provides thriving blogging service to help your website by delivering fresh, informative and inspiring blogs. We address various blogging parameters including – developing strategy, creating content calendar, identifying trending topics and keywords, developing keyword rich headlines, optimising content for SEO, working on HD images and video, updating content and publishing. We make sure all of our contents and blogs pass through Google readability parameters and copy-scape.

Press Releases

Press releases are an interesting method to publicise your company products and services. They also help companies to announce an event, news, new growth, acquisition or new product launch. Press releases should also be search engine optimised with lucid title and headings. At our content marketing agency, we abide the latest digital marketing rules for creating press releases. We not only create content but also promote and distribute it in different platforms for multiple reach.

Our Content Marketing Services Process

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Content Audit and Research

Our foremost action is to audit your present content and evaluate its performance. We do this to understand the loop holes and the gaps that needed to be filled. We also check where you are currently placed in the search engine ranking. We, furthermore go through your competitor’s sites to see where they perform well to rank higher. Then we identify existing keywords and update them with new keywords that you should target.

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Content Creation Strategy

After the initial stage, we come up with a detailed content creation strategy that includes the observation, game plans and recommendations. We furthermore try to be viewer specific, so that your content reaches and connects with the target audience effortlessly. We create a google calendar that includes the date, time and title of each content to be published. We aim at the bigger picture that contains long term and short term content creation goal.

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Content Development

We set to create the content. We have a team of veteran writers that ensure to cover all of the parameters of a solid content. They research the topic in-depth, and then understand the people who need to be targeted, what will be the outcome of the content and sketch the outline of the entire content. They move forward in conceptualising the content with mentioned keywords. Once it is ready, we review it, edit it and proof-read it for SEO. However, it’s you, who get to finalise the content.

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Publish and Promotion

Once the content is edited and finalised by you, our team publishes on various forums – blog post are added on your blog pages and eBooks which are huge are converted into PDF format using custom designed templates. Promotion of content is organically done through paid campaigns such as PPC, social media, search engines, display ads or call to actions to improve the visibility. However, long form contents are usually promoted through landing page.

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Every successful content needs to be monitored and augmented continually. This guarantees improved lead generation. Our content marketing agency analyses the process development by concentrating on what works, what doesn’t, and what could be altered to elevate your content strategy. And we present our analysis in the form of a report for you to make changes in your business and come up with newer stuffs.