Knowing which Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi is best for promoting your business can be tricky, and it relies upon a whole heap of things. Knowing where your target audience wants to hang out on social is key. But just because your target audience is using a specific platform the most doesn’t automatically mean this is the best one for you to be endorsing. When thinking about the right social media platform to use, marketers need to consider their social media approach systematically. In this blog post, we will explore how a top-notch Social Media Marketing Company can leverage social media and other digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing services, to take your business to new heights. 

Not only focusing on where your likely consumers are but why they use each platform is a fundamental part of your digital marketing.

Social media marketing appears to be simple, and the good news is, it can be if you know enough about your audience. 

Which Social Media Platform has The Most Users?

Facebook Currently has 3.049 Billion Monthly Active Users

Outside China, Facebook is the most extensively used platform with nearly 3 billion Facebook users, followed by Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. And it’s still the most trendy social media platform Social Media Agency In Delhi use for marketing, according to business professionals themselves.

Facebook is an immense social platform for businesses who are just looking to get started with their social media presence as it’s very easy to set up your Facebook page, however, it’s not well-matched to all businesses. With the abundance of people turning away from ad-heavy content, the Facebook algorithm is geared towards community and conversation-starting posts. Joining a Facebook group can help solve this difficulty, yet many gatherings have severe guidelines about publicizing and advancing your business.

Instagram has 2 Billion Monthly Active Users

Instagram welcomes around 2 billion users each month. Gen Z uses Instagram more frequently than Facebook, and this is a tendency we see among 13-15s too – who use Instagram more every week than other social sites. This platform is great for visual products, especially because you can allocate lots of video content using the Instagram story or reel functions, and with an incorporated shopping tool, it works fiercely for e-commerce too.

WhatsApp has 2 Billion Monthly Active Users

Outside China, WhatsApp is the much-loved app with internet users followed by Instagram, and Facebook and with around 2 billion users per month, those statistics are stacking up. It’s great for customer service as you can use it to keep in touch with your consumers, give updates, or as an option to chatbots on your website. However, as this is mainly a messaging platform, it doesn’t have the same visual features as other social media platforms, and it’s much easier for customers to take themselves from seeing your content. 

LinkedIn has 875 Million Total Users and over 310 Million Monthly Active Users

LinkedIn doesn’t publish monthly active user data, but based on its global advertising viewers reach numbers, it has at least 875 million members; it’s come a long way from the job search app it used to be to become a place where marketers can network, businesses can share news, and companies can headhunt star talent. 

It demonstrates, there’s no such thing as one size fits all with regards to social media marketing. Knowing the right social media platforms for your business is not a straightforward reply, picking the right friendly channels to suit your marketing strategy takes research and a top to bottom knowledge into your audience.

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