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Search Engine Optimization

Generally, everyone visits those webpages that come on top of search engine result pages believing it offers relevant information to their search query. We make sure your content is delivered in the right manner, at the right place, and to the right audience so that you become the first preference of your target customers.


Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is absolutely necessary for all companies currently, regardless of their size and stature. From Netflix to Hulululu, every organization is establishing a stand on social media to reach & engage with the target audience. We tailor social media marketing strategies that can make any start-up a biggie in a short period.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is an online advertising model that helps your customers find your brand when they look for something to buy on different search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Our advertising solutions, coupled with marketing strategies ensure you receive high traffic even in the oddest hours.


Mobile Advertising

As of now, 62.72% of the world population owns a smartphone, which makes mobile advertising a millennial advertising strategy. It is soon going to be the biggest digital marketing platform. At our end, we make sure that your mobile marketing and advertising strategy is on point and in time so that it reaches and retains the maximum audience.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the best, time-saving and affordable marketing technique used to target a large amount of audience within minutes. What you would get from us is an email marketing campaign derived from commendable planning based on important elements like schedule time of emailers, target audience, content formation, language, and style, etc.


Online Reputation Management

If you are online, regardless of your business’ shape, size, and age, you must care about your online reputation. Even one prevailing negative review on the internet can harm your brand reputation and make you appear bad to Google’s eyes. With Online Reputation Management, you can create a positive and sustaining brand image on the internet for a long period.

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About Our Company

DI Infotech is a full-service digital marketing company in India that has been transforming the way brands and businesses interact and engage with their customers since 2005

We design and implement high performing, multi-channel branding, promotional, and marketing strategies that position clients on the internet for continuous growth and success.

Earlier digital marketing was simple. Now, it has evolved into a complex, diverse, denser, and competitive marketing tool. With a number of devices, digital users, broadcasting channels and platforms, and technology increasing by the day, digital solutions have brought the world close and business relationships even closer.

DI Infotech has been in the forefront of providing excellent online marketing solutions, right from basic web design to complex ad campaigns, and everything in between to brands and service providers to help connect and engage with consumers, establish a sturdy client relationship, augment operations and grow sales in niche markets.

In these 15 long years, we have grown from a young company offering simple internet marketing solutions to an industry leader facing the limelight of the global revolution


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