With digitalization, marketing strategies have evolved and the market has shifted from physical to digital shopping. Shopify over the years has emerged as a prominent e-commerce platform to open and manage online stores. The platform also provides Shopify experts in India and local Shopify development companies develop an effective and efficient Shopify store for users.

These Shopify development agencies offer services like customized websites, live chat, marketing services, Shopify migration and other development tools to help with the functioning of a store’s development.

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Features of Shopify Apps

Shopify not only provides e-commerce services but now also offers opportunities for web designers, developers, digital marketers, creative agencies, and freelancers to provide their services under the Shopify partners program. The Shopify developers can earn up to 20% commission under this program. As per Shopify’s standard, the applied apps should qualify the given fundamental qualities,

  • Easy to use
  • Efficient in use
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple user interface
  • Supports Customization
  • User support service provider

Must have Tools by Shopify to Boost the Store’s Performance

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo is an email marketing & sms app on Shopify with a 4-star rating. It works on consumer interaction and data for e-commerce companies. The app updates retailers on the current trends and provides with best customer conversion services. The service costs $20/Email and $5/SMS monthly.


  • Set up app pop-ups such as welcome and abandoned cart alerts.
  • Create emails for special occasions and send relevant content regarding store updates and changes to keep customers updated and increase customer engagement.
  • Statistical reports to resolve performance-related problems.

Plug in SEO

The app examines product pages and reports the necessary SEO aspects in the Shopify store. The app works with keywords, broken links, blog content, speed, and other problems related to SEO to support retailers reach top searches on browsers.


  • Works towards directing organic traffic to the store.
  • Suggests best SEO practices through email like code snippets and instructions
  • Send email alerts on detecting loopholes.

Tidio – Live Chat and Chat Bot

Tidio is a store management app that provides tools like Chatbots, Live Chat, FAQs, and Helpdesk for better customer experience and satisfaction. The chatbot is available 24/7 increasing the store’s availability and generates quick responses for the customers to increase customer interaction.


  • Provides pre-built chatbots
  • Supports different languages
  • The purchase history is visible on the chat
  • Generates automated responses, categorization, and analysis.


Kit is a great social media marketing tool that supports running Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Email Marketing campaigns. It works as a personal assistant and interrogates the need for a particular marketing service. The application is developed to expand a store’s market organically. Kit analyzes customer activities in the store and helps develop effective branding decisions. The app is capable of running marketing campaigns for a store on behalf of the retailer.


  • Helps detect the target audience of the store.
  • Runs social media ads on behalf of the retailer.


Oberlo is a Dropshipping app that is suitable for retailers who desire to set up a dropshipping model. The platform supports users to find products online and ship them immediately. The platforms make tracking shipments easy.


  • Find popular products from worldwide suppliers to dropship and ship them immediately from suppliers to customers directly.
  • Track your orders.

Shopify is a diverse e-commerce platform that offers 8000 apps to increase store sales and develop a successful online store. Regardless of business size, to direct traffic to a store, the business needs to involve marketing tools in its marketing strategies for optimum results.

DI Infotech offers affordable Shopify development services so that you can build an efficient online store and simultaneously boost its performance with the help of a specialized team of developers and designers.

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